Sleep Number P5 Mattress Review

If you are tired of agonizing night times and beds that leave you fatigued and sore, the sleep-number-p5-mattress id the perfect antidote. This mattress is made to provide night long comfort durability, appropriate snugness, and durability. In the performance mattress landscape, the sleep number p5 mattress is a leader by right.

It’s easier to understand why the P5 mattress stands out. Designed with a pillow top foam core, it justifies the reason why it remains a glorified product. Compared to its competitors, the p5 mattress comes with top notch construction and premium quality that can’t be found in a conventional mattress. There are distinct features that make this mattress a must have for those who value their slumber hours.

From the get-go, the sleep number p5 mattress promises to deliver comfort right from its top cover. The rayon and polyester fabric blend on top offer a snug feel. Both the fiberfill and the breathable rayon polyester blend are designed to provide an anti-microbial shield that keeps a user healthy while keeping nasty odors away. That’s not all, the revolutionary 2″ PlushFit foam layer and five lawyers of contoured support the entire body while the outer fabric keeps the p5 looking new year after the other.

Sleep-Number-P5-Mattress Specs:

• Exclusive Sleep Number DualAir technology that allows you to adjust firmness autonomously on each side of the bed.
• 11″ Pillowtop with moisture-wicking capability
• 2″ comfort layer that supports your weight and keeps your curves aligned
• Adjustable air-chamber technology with three unique zones of support on the Core
• Exclusive Sleep Number Firmness Control System with wireless remote
Mattress Preference
The sleep-number-p5-mattress is highly preferred for its adjustable firmness feature that allows a couple or sleeping partners to:
• Enjoy comfort and reduced back pain since you can easily adjust to your required level of firmness and support.
• Sleep without bothering your partner when you want to sleep comfortably-each side has an independent air chamber
Sleep-Number-P5-Mattress Layers
Unlike other cumbersome mattresses, the sleep number p5-mattress offers conformity with the entire frame. There are 5 zones of distinctly contoured support that completes every part of your body.

Motion Transfer

Unlike its traditional foam counterparts, the p5 comes with adjustment support that makes it ideal for physically disadvantaged, overweight or injured persons. The design can be used on a foundation base to boost overall support. You can use the Sleep Number FlexFit Adjustable Base or the Sleep Number Modular Base.

Why The Sleep Number P5 Mattress

Compared to other products on the market, the p-5 is a winner. Some of the features that make it noticeable include:
• Sleep Number Settings
• matchless Sleep IQ Technology
• Lifespan extension by 30%
• Edge-supporting Foam design
• No flip design to boost longevity
• Night Risk-Free trial and Warranty

According to the sleep number p5 mattress-review, you can sample the product for 100 days and get your money back if you are not satisfied. The 100% money back guarantee is evidence enough that the manufacturer stands with their products.

With the trial window, you can test out the mattress and return it if tidiest fit the bill. The p5 mattress offers the best warranties in the performance mattress market. This product comes with 25 years of limited warranty.

Sleep Number P5 Mattress Cost?

With a high profile mattress such as the p5 mattress, quality and cost go together. The P5 price range stretches between from the 1,700 mark to 5,000 depending on mattress size. For instance, the Twin mattress $1,699, the Twin XL goes for $1,899, while the cost of the Full/Double is $2,199. The queen version retails at Queen $2,299, the King goes for $2,899, and the California King design cost $2,899 apiece while the Split King, the FlexTop King, and the FlexTop California King come with a price tag of $4,999 respectively.

Summary description

The best mattress review will indicate the many perks that come with investing in the P5. You nights will benefit from improved alignment, impeccable balance, soft feel and reduced lumbar pressure.

Exclusive features include:
 Advanced DualAir technology with wireless remote control for adjusting firmness
 2-Inch PlushFit foam for high-level comfort.
 5-Layer contours for body-wide comfort.
 Breathable Pillowtop fabric with for added coziness
 Mattress dimension of 76″ x 80.”

To enjoy the exclusive benefits of this mattress, checking out a detailed review lets you make a worthy investment decision. You will enjoy a restorative night of sleep if you make the switch. Forget the ordinary foam mattresses and let the sleep number p5 mattress work the magic. Bid farewell to nights of tossing and turning in discomfort once you make the p-5 mattress your sleep partner.