Saatva Mattress Review

Innerspring mattresses have become all the rage with individuals tired of waking up feeling tired and lethargic. The innerspring mattress design has been a popular option since it provides ergonomic solutions for sleeping problems.

Surprisingly, standard mattresses lack the quality of comfort, firmness, and longevity. With the Saatva mattress, you will say goodbye to all the nasty backaches, hip pain and lumber discomfort. The Saatva brand provides an innovative coil-on-coil construction to boost body-contouring and support. Compared to the conventional innerspring designs, the Saatva mattress takes it all.

The Saatva mattress isn’t just a discovery. It’s an improved and refined version. Trust these mattresses to deliver value for money and years of deep sleep. When you choose Saatva, other brands and designs can’t compare regarding warranty coverage, customer services, return policy and consumer reviews.

Saatva mattress materials

• Organic Cotton blended with allergy free fibers
• Fire retardant Natural Thistle
• 30% soy and corn oil foams
• Reprocessed steel springs and coils
• Eco-friendly Visco memory foam
• Kevlar threads

Saatva Mattress Construction

The Saatva mattress support core is constructed using sturdy hourglass coils enclosed in foam. This revolutionary formation is known as coil-on-coil construction. No other mattress brand can match the integrity of the coil on coil design.

Top layer

For comfort, the Saatva mattress comes with an organic cotton Eurotop cover. This ensures you get a comfy feel and reduces pressure.

2nd layer

For lumbar support, the mattress comes with memory foam to boost lumber support on areas where your body weight is spread. As such you don’t have to worry about sagging around areas where 90% of your weight lies.

3rd layer

For increased support and comfort, the mattress, wrapped pocketed coils reinforce the top coils. This helps motion reduction and makes sleep easy for side sleepers. Within this layer, 884 queen size coils hence support and reduce sagging across the surface.

4th layer

For additional support, this layer is built with high profile steel coils; 416 Queen Size coils that can hold just about any weight. Additionally, the Saatva mattress comes with excellent edge support. This enables you to sleep near the edge without slumping or falling out.

The Saatva Mattress Is Best For:

For sleepers looking for varied firmness
The Saatva mattress comes in soft, medium or firm feels. You can opt for 3.5, 6, or 8 firmness levels respectively. If you don’t know the best firmness feel, read the best Saatva mattress reviews or just flow with a medium firmness that works for over 80% of sleepers.

Sleepers who want a traditional feel

The Saatva mattress offers a familiar and springy feel. The coil-on-coil design offers comfort and support. The pillow top concept adds a balanced and relaxing feel every time you sleep.

Sleepers who want excellent edge support

The sturdy foam encasement around coils provides exceptional edge support. Thick and heavy duty foam layers along the edges make sitting or sleeping easy to maneuver.

Sleepers who desire great cooling

The coil-on-coil design and absence of heat retentive foams make the Saatva mattress breathable. There is excellent airflow deep within. As such, you don’t have to worry about thermal regulation on the surface during slumber.

Saatva Mattress firmness

Saatva mattresses come in 3 different levels of comfort. These are Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm.

Eco-Friendly Saatva Mattresses

If you are looking for organic and healthy materials for your mattress, the Saatva is your best bet. Enjoy the natural thistle which is fire resistant, organic cotton cover, certified memory foam, and recycled steel springs. As a brand, Saatva mattress offers all the Eco-friendliness you need via these features. Additionally, this mattress off-gasses quickly after manufacture.

120-Nights Of Free Trial

Within the innerspring mattress industry, Saatva offers an unbeatable trial period that is second to none. The 120 free trial period lets you decide whether the Saatva is the ideal mattress for you. According to saatva mattress review, the trial period commences as soon as the mattress is delivered to your doorstep. You get to enjoy the Saatva without worrying about penalties, money back guarantees, pickup or restocking costs.

Hard to Beat Prices

Other innerspring mattress design cost an arm and a leg. With the Saatva mattress, you get value for money. Instead of spending in excess of $2800 to get a comfy mattress, you can purchase an 11-1/2″ or a 14-1/2″ mattress at $999.
Mattress varieties are ranging from the Twin, 38″W x 75″L at $599. The Twin XL 38″W x 80″L goes for $699 while the Full 54″W x 75″L retails at $849.00. Other versions include the Queen 60″W x 80″L, The King 76″W x 80″L, and the California King 72″W x 84″L retailing at $999, and $1,399 respectively.

There’s no doubt that Saatva has become an esteemed brand within the innerspring mattress industry. The design is unmatched while the prices are to die for. Why let yourself and your wallet get exploited by devious salesmen while the real deal awaits you with a Saatva mattress! Check out a reliable saatva mattress review and make an informed purchase decision.