Novaform Comfort Grande Review

The novaform comfort grande mattress seems to be one of the best in the memory foam mattress category. The mattress is affordable which is just another bonus for those who long to wake up refreshed morning after morning. This mattress gives you a good nights sleep thanks to its soft feel. Unlike conventional spring mattresses, there is no spring-like feel to it, which provides proper spinal alignment and improved circulation.

What Type of Mattress is it?

The novaform comfort grande mattress is considered a high-quality mattress that is designed by experts in this industry. There are three separate layers that all combine well together to give you optimal balance and long lasting support. Thanks to its ultra soft cooling fabric, it keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the warmest nights. The fabric is designed to draw heat and moisture away from your body, while the middle layer enhances air flow during the night. One of the most amazing benefits of this foam mattress is that it gives you personalized support by responding to your body temperature.

Is it Firm?

Yet this mattress costs far less than other mattresses of a similar quality, it’s firmness level is on point. The appeal of memory foam mattresses is that they are soft and plus, while still being firm enough to support your back. This mattress is an ideal example of the quality that you can enjoy from this memory foam mattress.

If you suffer from chronic back pain and poor circulation, you will need a firm mattress. The novaform comfort grande could just be the one for you. The mattress conforms to your body shape to give your spine proper alignment. This makes it ideal for back sleepers. Alternatively, stomach lovers will get just as much comfort out of it when combined with a soft pillow.

The Three Layers

The three layers are constructed to alleviate tossing and turning by evenly distributing body weight and phasing out the pressure points. The top layer of the mattress is 3 inches thick and it is a gel memory foam layer. It offers cradling support and ensures a restful sleep. The middle layer of the mattress is an air channel foam layer that regulates body temperature. It basically keeps temperatures optimal for sleeping. The last layer which is the base layer provides 8 inches of foam. This last layer offers firmness, stability, and longevity. Unlike cheap substandard quality mattresses, this is high quality and designed to hold its shape over time. This eliminates the need for flipping the mattress every once in a while because it holds its shape.

The Mattress Cover

The mattress cover is available in US Standard Queen size. The gel beads ensure that it is comfortable and cool. You will not experience the sinking feeling that other mattress covers give you. Ultimately, it is an easy to use and easy to clean mattress cover.

The Smell

You may notice the typical “new” smell after unpacking your mattress. However, this smell will soon be gone. It is also suggested that you allow your new mattress some time to air out. This mattress does not contain the slight chemical odor typical of many other foam mattresses, which indicates the quality that you are getting as well.

Care and Maintenance

Removing the mattress cover is not recommended. You are advised to spot clean it with a damp cloth instead. The complete care instructions are on the mattress care label. Flipping the mattress is also not advise, however, you may turn it over once in a while.


This mattress comes with a 20-year warranty against any kind of manufacturing defects. If you experience any issues with it during this period, the company may choose to either repair or replace it, depending on the type and seriousness of the issue. You should note that this warranty only covers the foam mattress and not the mattress cover. Transportation to get the mattress to and from the manufacturer is also not included in the price.

The Final Verdict

The novaform comfort grande mattress is comfortable and reacts well to body pressure and movement. The memory foam layer provides a soft feeling while ensuring even body weight distribution. This, in turn, alleviates tossing and turning. The two other layers provide durability and longevity of the mattress. Ultimately, the novaform comfort grande mattress is a comfortable mattress designed to give you a good nights rest. So you can now enjoy top notch sleep for half the price as regular mattresses. The novaform comfort grande review should help you decide whether you should give this mattress a try or not.