Eight Sleep Jupiter Plus Mattress Review

Are you troubled while having rest or sleep during the night? Do you wake up tired every morning and do not know why? Have you ever asked yourself if your mattress could be the real cause of the problem? Many people are nursing a lot of pain, frustration, and anguish simply because they do not have an idea that it is the mattress the sleep on that sends them to the world of trouble. Poor mattresses are known to cause back pain, neck pain, and other related sleep disorders.

If your bedroom has been a place of discomfort instead of giving you the nightly experience that you need after long hours of office work, then you need to look for the mattress that will make things rosy once again. Your search for the best mattress stops with finding Eight Smart Jupiter mattress that comes with a whole lot of features that will make your night not only comfortable but also worth admiring. Read this mattress review to get the gist of what to expect.

Many people who’ve used this product have said that they did not experience hot sleeping and that they found it very easy moving around. Eight Sleep came because of complaints that Foam mattress could not address.

Here are the specs for the Eight Sleep Jupiter Mattress that you may want to know:

Stretch knit cover, reactive Polyform that is 2 inches thick, perfect fit memory form and personalized comfort layer each of 2 inches thickness. You can also find essential support5 foam that comes with 4 inches of great thickness.

A Brief Review of Eight Sleep

The manufacturer of Eight Sleep was inspired by scientific data and science behind sleep. The primary goal of this product is to release the most inclusive mattress that will create a more comfortable sleeping experience. The manufacturer understands the basic and popular problems that come with a bad mattress and what people need to eliminate the bad experiences. This world’s best mattress has been touted as one of the few innovations to have been brought to the market in the recent years. Fitted with a sleep tracker that is plugged into the hubspot, you stand to enjoy the unlimited Wi-Fi as you enjoy your private time at night.

Eight Sleep Mattresses offers three options from which you select your preferred choice. These are the Satum+, Jupiter+ and Mars+, but the latter is our focus in this article because of its unique features that make it stand apart from the rest of the options.

Jupiter’s Cover and Layers
It is important to know what the cover of your mattress is made of. Quite often, many marketers do not reveal the details of the cover and would do this by drifting your attention away from this all-important aspect by letting you focus on the aesthetics and other least important features. So you need to be wary of the enticing super deals and coupons that may be flashed your way.

The cover features 100 percent polyester cover that is a perfect blend of Silica Murtzp yarns and polyester yarns to give your mattress that flame retardancy. The small dots and its ability to bounce when little pressure is applied are some of the things that you cannot ignore. Do not forget its thin design that was implemented for a good reason. The primary role of the thin and sleek design allows you to interact with the foams under the cover for increased comfort.

The mattress is split into four layers. Starting with the 2-inch layer that features polyform, Jupiter option is all you need to make your nights different. This layer is engineered to bounce the same way latex does, making it feel like foam. It comes with almost similar features of memory foam only that it gives more than just what other options offer. For instance, it gives more bounce than what you can find in other mattresses thanks to its perfect layer of contouring memory foam that is beneath is the poly cover. All the four layers allow you to get all the benefits of memory foam plus the mobility that is rare in other mattresses.

The comfort layers are designed to creating a cool surface and providing contour. The third layer is basically focused on providing support with its 2-inch support layer. It gives support and allows for proper weight balance between the top layer and the 4-inch high-density layer. The layer underneath provides a lasting foundation and adds the required amount of firmness. What’s more, it gives your mattress the shape and integrity it requires to have its original look.