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Things To Know About Mattresses And Mattress Brands

Most people buy mattresses once in a decade. The mattress you sleep on determines the quality of your sleep, which makes buying a mattress an extremely important task. Moreover, mattresses aren’t the cheapest things around. Therefore, if you are putting your hard-earned money into one, make sure it’s your best bet. In this article, we’ll condense all information you’d possibly need to zero in on a mattress, including throwing up names of some of the best mattress brands.

Mattress Firmness Level

Mattresses don’t come with standard firmness levels and you may not fancy all the levels. Generally, side-sleepers prefer soft-to-medium mattresses. Stomach and back sleepers like firmer mattresses. Remember, an ultra-soft mattress may feel comfortable but it’s not necessarily good for your back. There are mattresses that let you adjust the firmness levels. This trait should be convenient if your partner prefers a little less or more firmness than you.

Types of Mattress

There are various types of mattresses. The following are some of the more common options:

• Hybrid

A hybrid mattress blends latex and memory foam with different materials, such as spring coils, to appeal to different types of sleepers. This mattress is quite common and also preferred by couples.

• Latex Foam

A latex foam is bouncy, cooling and responsive.

• Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress conforms to your body’s requirements and provides excellent support. It hugs you the best, which may not be fancied by hot sleepers.

• Coil

A coil mattress is more traditional and old-fashioned. But it’s a lot more durable and offers strong support for long.


A pillow-top mattress is perfect for individuals who prefer cushy, soft mattresses. The mattress may have a spring underneath and it always comes with a pillowy, fluffy top for additional softness.

• Adjustable

Adjustable mattresses let you select and change the bed’s firmness and position, with some even vibrating or providing you a massage during sleep. An adjustable mattress is comparatively expensive but it’s well worth the purchase for individuals with back issues.

Brands and Add-Ons

You may or may not know this, but mattresses are expensive for things you probably won’t directly benefit from as a customer. In other words, the mattress seller’s marketing expenses are also added to the price. Then there’s a premium you have to shell out for “brand recognition”. Monopolies and steep profit margins are other reasons why mattresses are priced so high.

Fortunately, the mattress market has both big names and startup firms that offer good quality for a competitive price. These mattress startups deal directly with consumers, provide great warranties, price their products low and also have extended return windows. If you don’t care about brands much, it’s recommended you buy a quality mattress from a relatively unknown company.

While buying a mattress, you must also look into certain add-ons such as mattress pad, mattress cover, sheets, etc. Have a clear picture of what you want your mattress purchase to be like. If you’re not sure, you may end up buying a lot more than what you need, thanks to the sales pitches that come your way.

Best Mattress Brands

Let’s take a look at some of the mattress brands to watch out for:

• Sapira by Leesa

Sapira mattresses’ hybrid design and excellent support make it ideal for all types of sleepers. The mattress comprises six layers, which includes 1.5-inch memory foam, 1.5-inch performance foam, 1-inch transition foam for coil cushioning, 1-inch of base foam, and 6-inch pocketed coils. The mattress is also wrapped in a special fabric cover that encases it completely.

The mattress is ideal for people who share beds with other people who have various sleeping positions, who constantly change sleeping positions and move in bed. The mattress comes with a 100-day return policy, which makes sure you don’t spend a premium price on a mattress that you later end up regretting buying.

• Bear

The Bear mattress is a three-layered memory foam mattress. The mattress is comfortable and ensures cool temperatures throughout the night. Atop there are a unique Celliant and polyester blend cover that transforms the heat from your body into infrared light. This helps decrease the mattress’ temperature and helps with sleep. This medium-firm mattress should be ideal for people who sleep on their stomach and back. For side sleepers, the mattress could be a bit on the firmer side.

Despite being a relatively new brand, Bear has a decent following, especially among the active and athletic types. The pricing is fairly reasonable for the quality. And it also comes with a 100-day return guarantee.

• Casper

Casper mattress is for people who don’t want a mattress that’s too soft or hard. In other words, it’s a solid all-around mattress that offers a little bit of everything a mattress should offer. This four-layered mattress comprises polyfoam, memory foam, and base foam, with zero springs. The mattress is effective at movement isolation, which means your movement should not affect your partner sleeping beside. If you’re into pure memory foam, Casper is probably your best bet.

• Helix

Helix mattresses are unique in a way that they can be customized to your requirements. To buy and customize your mattress, head to the official website of the mattress company and finish a short survey. Post the survey, you will be recommended a mattress that suits your needs the best. The unique thing about the mattress is you can have the two sides of the mattress individually customized, which is perfect for couples with different mattress preferences.

Some of the other notable mattress brands are nectar, tuck, sleep number, and saatva Mattress.